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What color of bikini is most flattering?
Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2023-04-11 | 606 Views | Share:

When it comes to bikinis, black and dark colours are often said to be the most flattering. Classic dark hues such as navy blue, ruby red, dark purple and emerald green can help you look your best at the beach.If you have a pale complexion, try to stay away from lighter shades such as white and yellow, as they may not contrast with your skin tone so well.Instead choose darker hues which will bring out the color of your eyes or make your freckles stand out.


Aside from selecting the right color for your bikini you should also consider cuts that flatter your body shape. Look for styles that lift up curved areas or ones that bring attention away from parts of the body you'd rather not focus on. Make sure it provides enough coverage while also giving you a chance to show off confident assets! With some effort, finding just the rightsize and shade can give an enviable hourglass boost while still safeguarding modesty - simply remember to accentuate but don't overexpose yourself in a swimsuit!